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July 15th, 2017, 9:12 am

Updates in needs of Updating

Hello all!

Since the beginning we've struggled with a small, (but relatively significant,) problem. And that problem is how the update system work on this site and other webcomic hosting sites. To be clear- this is NOT a critique of Smack Jeeves- out of all our posting outlets it is by far our favorite.

But the update system is designed to take you to the latest page, which works wonderfully for most webcomics as they tend to update with single pages. However Boys Land updates in whole chapter twice a month that range from 12 to 15 pages. If possible we would like for readers to be taken to the beginning of the latest chapter instead of the latest page. It would be far more convenient for Boys Land readers and would prevent any accidental spoilers as well as give new readers a better idea of how Boys Land is posted.

the way i worded this sounds like a request to the site, but wasn't the intention. I just wanted to let those who were curious about this know that this is something we're looking into- we want it too. If anyone possesses any knowledge or wisdom they would like to pass on to us, we would greatly appreciate it! Until then, we got work ahead of us.

Thanks as always for reading, we have a good chapter coming out next weekend if I do say so myself. Look forward to 14!

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