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June 26th, 2017, 8:13 am

Farm Land is Coming to a Close

It is both with excitement and a little sorrow that we announce Farm Land's ending. We are super excited because Farm Land is only the beginning for Marco and his friends. There is so much more to the world of Boys Land we'd like to share with you!

Impatience has caused us to rush certain things throughout the arc and honestly we're very happy without how it turned out in spite of our inexperienced blunders. We can apply the wisdom gained from this endeavor to make future arcs more exciting and fun for you to read.

As this is our first ever webcomic it has been a bumpy ride, but we'll keep on trucking! It sounds cliche, but it makes it so much easier to trudge onward with your support. Our reader base may be small for now, but just knowing that there are people out there reading Boys Land is wonderful. And every comment we get pushes us harder, whether it be a serious critique, a silly observation, or praise.

Farm Land is projected to finish around Saturday August 5th. It may come earlier or just a tad later. But please look forward to it. We know we are.

Thank you for our continued support!

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