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May 16th, 2017, 6:05 pm

Upcoming Changes (Exciting)

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to post an update since it's been a while. The comic has been updating regularly but we've been pretty silent about what's coming.

First off, something we started with chapter four is to reduce the amount of pages from ~ 20 to ~10, and to post these shorter chapters every two weeks instead of once a month. Basically you're still getting the same amount of pages, but you don't have to wait as long between updates. If you have any suggestions about update schedules we'd love to hear them, this is our first comic and we're learning so much during this process. So thank you very much for your readership as well as your patience.

The next big thing we want to tell everyone about is that we're going to start trying some new stuff out starting with chapter ten, (due in about two more weeks.) We don't want to spoil the surprise but we're hoping to find a way to continue to bring you an even better Boys Land experience. So keep your eyes peeled.

You guys rock!

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